Excellent care requires excellent people

Every person in our Practice is essential to your care so we endeavour to recruit, train and retain the best people. Everyone who joins us understands our expectations and receives regular training and personal development to ensure we all share the same ethos of putting our patients at the heart of everything we do.

By providing a caring environment for everyone, we engender loyalty. As the saying goes – we don’t expect loyalty, we earn it. Our practice is part of Rodericks Dental, a company with over 80 practices across the country. We are different because our company is run by dentists – for patients.


Faisal Agha (M) 229449
Meghna Jhaveri (F) 84863
Reeto Mall (M) 103066
Peter Russell (M) 62984
Radhika Selvaraj (F) 265407
Aurela Doru (F) 262409
Ismael Khan (M) 285230


Wisam Sarsam (M) 210115
Fayaz Rashid (M) 153854
Rachael Manning (F) 62894


Deborah Ferguson (F)  126267
Bianca Campbell (F)

Practice Manager

Roxanne Reddington