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The Elms Dental PracticeThe Elms Dental Practice
2.3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Melanie SandersMelanie Sanders

Wow! My daughter has been under the care of Mr. McMillan who is phenomenal. His compassion and professionalism are second to none. I'm grateful for their willingness to get us in to see a dentist especially when my daughter was in real pain.

Jaqueline OsbornJaqueline Osborn

I have been attending this dentist for a few years now and I think my last visit was the only time I have truly felt comfortable and my dentist Megna and her lovely male assistant (I can’t remember his name) made me feel as though I was the most important person in the building to them. I had lost a filling which was causing me a little bit of pain but it was quickly sorted once I was in the room. I’ve never met a more professional duo in a dental practice before. I am one happy patient

David TulejaDavid Tuleja

On the phone for hours in agony pain no answer at all no emergency appointment offered at all had to go private.
Avoid avoid avoid will register elsewhere!!!

Joseph BaileyJoseph Bailey

Special thank you to Rebecca and Laura for extracting my very painful tooth. Proffesional, welcoming and put me at ease. Thank you!

Lady ThornebloodLady Thorneblood

I am registered and rang to have an emergency appointment due to having a large hole, exposed nerve and more than half the tooth being broken off. I was in agony.

Was informed they could not give me an appointment and that I would have to attend their drop in emergency that afternoon or after the weekend (I rang Friday morning) As I work in care I could not just leave to attend this. I rang other dentists to see if they could see me and they all stated that as I am already registered that Elms have A DUTY OF CARE to see any patient who is in pain and in need of emergency care no matter what.

Phoned again and was rudely told that the drop in times are this and we will not offer you an alternative appointment.

I phoned Oasis who immediately offered me an emergency for the morning at 8 am even though they are not taking new patients.
I am very upset to be treated like this and ignored despite being a registered patient and being in extreme pain.
What is the point of being your patient when you don't offer any support and understanding as well as no appointment. Terrible.

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