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We aim to provide the highest quality dental care to our patients. Here are a few live comments taken from our digital platforms:

The Elms Dental PracticeThe Elms Dental Practice
2.1 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Terry RichardsonTerry Richardson

Have been a patient for many years. It is now a ridiculous wait on the phone for an appointment. Even the call-back service you offer is not responded to. I have always found the treatment good, when you get there!

moshraf alimoshraf ali

The service is AWFUL. The phones are not answered, messages are not responded and emails go ashtray. Young staffing working, and receptionist have no commonce. The manager cant even manage a dog house let a lone a dental practice. Worst patient service on planet earth.

Conrad IcerConrad Icer

A hygienist who only works on a Friday and up to 3pm!! The service is absolutely appalling here. If you're looking for a decent dental practice, try elsewhere. How these have stayed in business for this amount of years is incredible! Dentists change like the weather too.

TickTocker HTickTocker H

Can't give them a proper review as they don't answer any of the three phone numbers they have. They just ring, ring and ring. Totally ridiculous and appalling customer service. Thinks it might be time to change.

Melanie SandersMelanie Sanders

Wow! My daughter has been under the care of Mr. McMillan who is phenomenal. His compassion and professionalism are second to none. I'm grateful for their willingness to get us in to see a dentist especially when my daughter was in real pain.

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